This publication contains the work of College of Western Idaho students in Professor Liza Long’s English 211 Literary Analysis course. In this course, students meet the following outcomes:

  • Consider a wide range of alternatives to a habitual way of approaching texts
  • Analyze literature with attention to style and form as well as content
  • Use accepted methods of literary research and MLA documentation to integrate others’ ideas respectfully, accurately, and critically
  • Apply a variety of critical strategies in responding to literature
  • Write literary analysis essays using critical approaches and incorporating the ideas of others
  • Discuss the significance of cultural, historical, thematic, and theoretical perspectives in interpreting literature
  • Deliberate over the kinds of political interpretations made when reading and writing about literature

The course is required for both Creative Writing and English Literature majors at CWI and also fulfills the research and writing requirement for the Liberal Arts degree.

Students complete this publication as part of a group project. For more information, please contact Liza Long,

Cover Photo Credits

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