18 About the Authors

Logan White

Currently studying at College of Western Idaho as a Secondary Education major with an emphasis on English. He would like to become a high school English teacher or a professor. Logan has found tremendous significance in the tools literary analysis has placed in his tool belt. In the ability to look at the author, work, affectual relations to that work and any myriad of frameworks to analyze all facets to be found in the world of literary analysis.

Wyatt Haedt

Currently studying at the College of Western Idaho and plans on acquiring a degree in liberal arts. This is in the hopes of entering Boise State and studying art for a future freelance and client-based art career. During his time in the literary analysis class, he has gained a newly found enjoyment of delving into the intricacies of literature. He claims it has allowed him to see new perspectives in the art he consumes and creates.

Sophia Zahorka

Currently studying her second year at College of Western Idaho to gain a Liberal Arts degree. Her plan is to transfer to a four-year university and pursue a career in the Arts. Her hope is to one day pursue a career as an independent music artist. While taking Literary Analysis, Sophia has gained a profound perspective on the importance of literary analysis. This study has widened her appreciation of the artistry and craftsmanship of many categories of literature.

Alize Portue

Currently studying in their third year at the College of Western Idaho as an English major with a focus on Creative Writing. They hope to further their education with a bachelor’s in fine arts at Boise State University, and to pursue professional writing as their ultimate career. Alize has found the Literary Analysis class to be a pleasurable challenge; they have gained a newfound fondness for studying the technical aspects of literature alongside the artistic ones and feel the strength of their writing has increased as a direct result.


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