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Andrew Barbour

Annotated Bibliography Editor

New Criticism

MacKenzie Knutson


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Jess Lupton

Project Manager


Tobyn Shaw

Critical Introduction/Copy Editor

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Lindsey Weaver


Reader Response

Kenna McGerty

Kenna McGerty has lived in Boise, Idaho her entire life. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and reading fiction. She is pursuing an English degree with an emphasis on Creative Writing from the College of Western Idaho. After graduating, she is hoping to attend Boise State University to further her education and start working as an editor while writing fiction on the side.

Kassy Roberts

Living in Meridian, Idaho for her whole life, Kassy likes to spend time traveling to surrounding areas and taking hiking adventures in Idaho’s wilderness. When she is at home, Kassy likes to spend her time writing poetry and short stories, and reading any fantasy book she can get her hands on. Her plan is to graduate from Boise State University with her Bachelors in English Teaching, and to return for her master’s program in English.


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