About the Authors

David Maryanski II

English Creative Writing Emphasis. I think my favorite tree is birch. I would have to choose crawling twice as fast, I would hate having to be strong and having my fingers in my ears!

Kelsey Jennings

Art history BA and French minor. Favorite tree is a banyan. Twice as strong because the idea of running twice as fast but crawling is terrifying haha. Reminds me of the girl in the ring.

Logan Hart

Logan is an English major and is thinking of pursuing law school once he has his bachelor’s degree. He loves soccer and does his best to stay physically active, but his favorite thing to do is relax and watch a good movie or read a good book.

Sydney Bergeson

Creative writing major. My favorite kind of tree is cherry. I would rather crawl twice as fast as I can run, so I can strike fear into the hearts of my enemies. Can you imagine seeing someone crawl-sprinting towards you? Terrifying.

Tessa Winegar

Currently a liberal arts major but going into linguistics. My favorite tree is an evergreen, and I would rather be able to crawl twice as fast as I can run as I don’t think I’d be able to do much with my fingers stuck in my ears.

Tristan Aja

English – Creative Writing Emphasis AA. My favorite tree right now is the Western White Pine. I’d like to crawl twice as fast as I can run because it would look peculiar and help me travel.


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