About the Authors

Aneesa Loughmiller – Annotated Bibliography Editor

Aneesa Loughmiller is a student at the College of Western Idaho, studying English Literature. She is passionate about community building and environmentalism and hopes to use her degree to bring people together. Aneesa lives in southern Idaho and has two fluffy, fluffy dogs.

Ambrosia Shomaker – Editor

Ambrosia is a tired English major who just wants to take a nap with their cat. Ambrosia likes to eat Uncrustables because they require no labor to make. They are ready to get their associate degree and head out into the big bright world of copy-editing, so they can pursue their dream of moving to a nice, warm chunk of land somewhere in Europe, where they will have fruit trees, goats, dogs, a cat, and maybe a koi pond. Once a week they buy a taro smoothie with coconut jellies in it, and it’s one of the most delicious drinks they’ve ever had. In their free time, they like to play video games, research obscure things such as the most famous alligators throughout history and read fantasy novels. They hope to one day publish a poetry collection.

Evan Samuelson – Publisher

Evan Samuelson is a creative writing major at the College of Western Idaho. Evan was born and raised in Idaho and will graduate in 2023. He is pursuing a career in writing for the screen.

Kylie Lingo – Project Manager

Kylie Lingo is currently a student at the College of Western Idaho,and a Hugo Award winner via her contributions to Archive of Our Own. Kylie is studying creative writing with the intent on going on to work as a narrative designer in the video game industry. Her interests include reading The Art of War, which she does once a day, reading and writing poetry, and consuming fiction in all its forms.

Maria Zavala – Copy Editor

Maria Zavala is a student at the College of Western Idaho and a staff member of the enrollment and student services department. Maria has also been a Presidential Ambassador for CWI for the past year and a half serving CWI with community events and building relationships with outside partners. Maria will be graduating in the fall of 2022 with her liberal arts degree and having been a member of the Presidents scholar list for her duration at CWI.

Rafael Jacobo – Publisher

Rafael Jacobo is a student at the College of Western Idaho who has been given the opportunity to advance his education. Raised in Marsing, Idaho, he has developed a connection to the agricultural environment that surrounds him. After graduating with a Liberal Arts degree, he hopes to transfer to Boise State University to undergo their electrician programs. Rafael focuses on school, so he can travel the world to taste the wonderful food out there.


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