About the Authors

Kasper Herdt – Secondary Education Major

Reader Response Lens

Kasper Herdt is a Secondary Education major at the College of Western Idaho, focusing on English with aspirations of becoming a high school English teacher. His essay focuses on “Monstro” through a reader response lens. He is a passionate writer and looks forward to working as an educator; he is excited for the opportunity to share his love of reading and writing with others.


Psychological Lens

I’m a Liberal Arts major focusing on English Literature. I spend my free time reading and riding my motorcycle.

Eric BARbaroza – english major

New Criticism Lens

I am an English major with a literature emphasis. My plan is to graduate with a BA and use that to become a certified teacher in Idaho through ABCTE or Teach for America. I live in Caldwell, and own about ten acres in Homedale where I have about sixty cows. I enjoy coaching youth sports, camping, video games, and reading. I keep my athletes in check, and they return the favor of keeping me in check.

James Halma – English Major

New Historical Lens

James Halma is an English major at the College of Western Idaho. He intends to graduate summer of 2022 and transfer to Boise State University in the fall. He has always had a passion for both writing and reading. He hopes to use his degree to enter the publishing field and become a content editor along with bolstering his own skills.

Helen Neves – Liberal Arts Major

Deconstruction Lens

Helen Neves is a Liberal Arts major planning to go into geology after getting her degree at CWI. As a writer, she primarily writes her own original stories and contributes to media analysis with her friends. Outside of writing she loves paleontology, creating digital art, and playing sandbox games.

Grace Hug – Liberal Arts Major

Feminist Lens

Grace Hug is a Liberal Arts major at College of Western Idaho, expecting to finish her degree in December of 2021. Grace is writing in the feminist lens about “Monstro” for her critical edition. Since high school, Grace has loved learning about literature and writing. She participated in several competitions to showcase her love for writing in high school, including NaNoWriMo, Scholastic Writing Awards, and National History Day where she submitted a variety of collections of writing which involved mostly creative pieces as well as essays.


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