About the Authors

Payton McClelland

My major is Liberal Arts (I just changed it from Creative Writing and changed it many times) and I will be graduating with an associate’s in Liberal Arts this summer! My astrological sun sign is a Scorpio!

Tania Agurto Lopez

My major is English with Literature emphasis. I’m graduating this Spring. Yay!!
I’m a Chilean International Student.

Laura Lax

My major is English: Literature, because the Creative Writing option wasn’t available as an online only degree. I have one more class to take next semester but after that I’ll have my Associate’s in English!

I love animals and currently keep two dogs, a cat, two guinea pigs, a hamster, two turtles, a snake, a leopard gecko, an axolotl, and several fish tanks that total up to about 345 gallons of water in my house. Thankfully, I live in Illinois where earthquakes are rare!

Tyler Burke

What’s up! I’m Tyler, and I am a Liberal Arts major  graduating in Fall 2021. My dream job is to get into sports journalism. I love football and would love to write for a football team someday!

Brittani Cooper

My name is Brittani Cooper and I am a Liberal Arts major. I will be graduating in May 2021 with my associate’s degree, and then I will be transferring to Boise State University this fall to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Lauren Kozup

Lauren Kozup has lived in Boise her whole life, spending most of her days reading and writing both stories of fiction and non-fiction. She has always enjoyed learning and will be earning her Associates degree in English Literature this Spring. She has been accepted to BSU and will continue her education in English Lit, planning to earn both her Bachelors and her Masters. When she’s not studying, Lauren spends her time writing in her book about Naval Aviation, walking the greenbelt with her boyfriend, and is always reading.


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