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Jacob A. Powers

Jacob is a fantasy/sci-fi writer and self-identified otaku from Eagle, Idaho. Jacob attended the College of Western Idaho and Boise State University on a quest for the elusive Technical Writing degree. When not slinging paint at his part-time job or contemplating the existential dread of the universe at large, he spends his free time attempting to finish the novel he has been working on since the age of eleven. His works tend to deal with the fantastical, epic, insidious, and cosmic. Dealing with Gods, crafting secret cabals, weaving witty characters, and masterminding technology that just barely stays within the realm of sense are just a few of the things Jacob has to deal with daily. Jacob has multiple fanfictions and original works of significant renown – one of which ranked third most popular on its website of publication for a time (Reluctant Reader on Wattpad)– and has been creating audiobooks and audio dramas for over six years. He has a sarcastic wit, and he hates talking about himself.

Ali Murphy

Ali is a Creative Writing major finishing her fifth semester while maintaining a 4.0 GPA at the College of Western Idaho. She has lived in Boise, Idaho for five years with her life partner and two children. Murphy has had a great love for literature throughout her life, being raised by two avid readers who instilled in her an appreciation for broad, artistic, and literary worlds. Murphy has worked as a musician for twenty years, yet it wasn’t until recently she found a love for writing. She quickly discovered this new creative outlet during her first semester while writing her first college essay ever, “The Lucky One”. This essay would take third place in CWI’s President’s Awards, creating a new sense of confidence and purpose in Murphy’s academic career. The next year Murphy would become determined to enter the contest again where her next nonfiction essay, “Dad, God, and Joe Hill” would win first place. Murphy hopes to continue to discover opportunities in literary communities by further her education in English, Creative Writing, and Literature.

Rachel Roberts

Rachel is a part-time student and aspiring writer. She is studying to become a librarian so she can share her love of reading. When she is not reading, writing, or studying she is playing with her dog Copper.

Jessica Mejia

Jessica attends the College of Western Idaho. She currently holds her associate degree in Secondary Education and hopes to receive her Bachelor’s in English Teaching within the next couple of years. She hopes to be able to teach English as a Second Language to newcomers. Education has always been her passion and goal for her future. Not only is she passionate about education but she is also passionate about writing. She has written many poems and hopes to publish a chapbook soon.

When not in school or working, she enjoys spending time with her family. Her hobbies include reading, photography, and hiking.

Madyson Crea

Madyson is finishing up her liberal arts associate degree and will be graduating this spring. She plans to pursue a bachelor’s in health sciences at Boise State University and then complete law school.

Emily Rubio

Emily is an English major and is planning on pursuing communication or mass media at Boise State University. She loves reading a good book with her cat on her lap.


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