About the Authors

Chelsea Yates

Born in Boise, Idaho and is a student in her junior year at College of Western Idaho. She is only majoring in creative writing and does not plan on transferring to a four-year university. Her interests are in television writing/work, script writing, and true crime/crime work involving hunting down serial killers. After completing her degree in creative writing, she plans on pursuing a career in script writing for television and book writing.

Majel Coxe

Born in Boise, Idaho and is currently pursuing an English degree at the College of Western Idaho. As an aspiring writer, she studies the craft by reading and observing the world around her. Her most promising ideas are drawn from personal experiences, as well as interpreting our connection to nature and animals. She currently lives a comfortable life with her husband in central Maryland.

Netanya Hitchcock

Born in Perth, Western Australia and moved to Boise, Idaho in 2015. She is currently studying for an English degree and will be graduating from the College of Western Idaho in May 2021. Although she has enjoyed reading and writing from childhood, she is grateful for the refinement she has attained through studying literature at CWI.

Aubrey Howell

An Idaho native who is finishing an English degree at the College of Western Idaho, and plans afterward to transfer to Idaho State University to study law. Her experiences come from her personal life, where she spends time doing volunteer work within the community with an emphasis on addiction and family. She also enjoys the outdoors, and likes to use it as an outlet to stay grounded as a single mother of twin girls. She loves to read to learn about new viewpoints and opinions. She also strives to continue to mature with writing which she believes can be an incredible tool in connecting people despite their differences.

Dillon O’Donnell

A student at College of Western Idaho, currently in his freshman year. He is majoring in philosophy at CWI, and after transferring to Boise State University, plans on completing his bachelor’s degree. His interests are in social reform, creative writing, and people. After completion of his undergraduate education, he plans on pursuing a career either in law or community organizing.

Lauren Bilby

Born in Palm Springs, California, and moved to Idaho in 2022. She majored in Liberal Arts while at CWI, and completed her degree in Spring 2023. She is transferring to Boise State University, where she’s majoring in English. Her interests are reading, writing, and staying at home where she spends her time playing video games, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or playing with her dogs.


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