About the Authors

Amy Stroud

Amy Stroud is graduating from the College of Western Idaho with an associate’s degree in English. She plans on transferring to Boise State University to continue her education in education. After BSU, Amy wishes to pursue teaching high school English. Amy has a passion for creative writing. While she is working towards a career in education, she aims to take on creative endeavors when the opportunity is present. She believes that you can never know where creativity could take you if you do not try.

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell is graduating from the College of Western Idaho with a dual major AA in the Spring of ’22 and will be transferring to an undetermined University in the fall. She does not have any specific career goals, but she is looking forward to using her writing skills in any job she finds herself in. She likes to read, play video games, and watch dark comedies. She lives life like she does most things, chaotically but with love.

Faith Cornell

Faith Cornell is a student at the College of Western Idaho, studying to earn her AA in English Literature. Afterward, she plans on transferring to a university to get her bachelor’s degree. Presently, she is considering editing or teaching as a career and hopes to publish her stories someday as well. Faith enjoys writing sci-fi and fantasy fiction, reading, drawing, and playing classic video games. She approaches life with the desire to grow from her experiences and to treat others with love.

Kayley Dodd

Kayley Dodd is a student finishing her Liberal Arts Major program at the College of Western Idaho. Some of her favorite books are written by novelists, such as Grace Livingston Hill and Leo Tolstoy. Throughout the week, she enjoys driving her car and listening to music. However, she also finds pleasure in working on cars and watching shows about classic cars. As a major family person, Kayley loves movie nights with her loved ones, watching action and comedy movies. Many of the hobbies she does include baking cakes, paddleboarding, ice skating, and playing tennis and basketball.

Phoebe Caringella

Phoebe Caringella is currently a student at the College of Western Idaho studying Liberal Arts who has plans to transfer to a university after she completes her AA. Even though she does not know what she would like to do with her education, Phoebe plans on having fun and exploring the options available to her. She loves to read, write, take care of her numerous plants, hike, and listen to true crime documentaries whilst drawing. Her biggest aspiration in life is something she already achieved, to live every day excited about the next.

Ryn Kowallis

Ryn Kowallis is graduating from the College of Western Idaho with a Liberal Arts AA in the spring of 2022. She will then go on to complete a STEM AS the following year. Once she has completed both degrees, she has plans to transfer to another university out of state. She enjoys spending time outside with her cat Chloe and swimming when she has the energy. Ryn is looking forward to using the skills she acquired through the Liberal Arts program in her daily life. Her goal in life is to take things one step at a time, making sure to stop and smell the roses along the way.



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