Welcome to the College of Western Idaho’s Journal of Undergraduate Research and Writing! This journal is a collaborative effort between the Liberal Arts Program and the President’s Writing Awards committee to publish undergraduate student work in the following categories:

  • First Year Writing
  • Critical Analysis
  • Literature Based Research
  • Original Research

One of our primary goals for this journal is to showcase our students’ exceptional academic writing. We anticipate that these essays could be used as examples in a wide variety of academic contexts. We also use this journal to showcase photography and artwork from students in our Studio Arts program.

In the future, we may expand our submissions process to call for work from the broader community.

For more information about publication in the journal, please contact Liza Long, Department Chair of Integrated Studies, lizalong@cwi.edu.

Many thanks to Carrie Bailey for her assistance in formatting and editing the 2021 and 2022 student submissions.

Cover photo by Abigail Yorgason, 2021, for Shawna Hanel’s ARTS 250 Digital Photography II course. The sculpture is called Aero Agoseries by Mark Bathes.



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